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This project was undertaken in the rural areas of Assam in the North Eastern part of India. For the longest of time, farming has been the main source of livelihood for most of the people residing in the villages of Assam. This project was meant to cover individuals who chose a different path for themselves by turning to entrepreneurship. They still live in their village homes and manage their small scale enterprises earning their livelihood from the same. Handloom is the most popular form of business taken up by the these people followed by many other activities such as making Art & Crafts with Bamboo, Beauty Parlours, Tailoring, Incense Sticks production, Poultry Farming, Internet Cafes, Automobile Garages etc. This has made these people self sufficient and  they are no longer in need of moving to cities looking for employment.


The individuals featured in the project are just a few examples among hundreds of them who are trained and supported by RCITSD (a Govt. Organisation). The project was an initiative by this organisation and I covered many interior areas in the districts of Nalbari, Barpets, Kamrup and Baksa. 

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